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Note: The medians in the following list are IBs unless marked "MTB" or "BB".  A small selection of SDBs appears at the bottom of the page.  IBs (intermediate bearded), MTBs (miniature tall bearded), and BBs (border bearded) range from 16" to 27 1/2" in height; SDBs (standard dwarf bearded) range from 8" to 16".
Abbey (Black '05) elegant pale blue-lavender
Adopt Me (Craig '01) rose tan S., rosy purple F.
Aeronaut (Smith '06) creamy base with green, blue, yellow influences; great form
Angel Fire (Palmer '91) pale pink, yellow shoulders, pink beard; beautiful
Angel Heart (Aitken '95) white, yellow hafts, orange beard; pretty
Apricot Drops (Aitken '95) MTB - award winner, apricot self
Aqua Taj (Blyth '03) medium blue self [not aqua, despite its name!]
Arianna (Blyth '04) lemon with honey tan "signal" on falls
Bangles (Miller '95) MTB - very popular, award winner; amethyst S., sapphire blue F.
Banshee (Smith '05) red-black with red beard
Barrel House Blues (Baumunk '04) bright blue infused darker, like a mini Honky Tonk Blues
Batik (Ensminger '86) BB - popular broken color, irregular royal purple streaks on white
Bering Sea (Smith '04) white S., creamy yellow F. streaked purple at end; a favorite!
Blueberry Filly (Kasperek '00) broken color, blue-violet with silvery streaking
Brickle (Blyth '01) purple-black S., creamy falls edged purple-black; dramatic
Cameo Blush (Weiler '98) BB - soft cameo pink, rebloomer
Chartres (Craig '97) MTB - S. mid-blue, F. dark lilac purple; elegant
Citizens Band (Keppel '01) pale blue S., white F. plic-edged royal purple
Cocoamo (Filardi '09) beautiful cocoa-pink amoena; photo above
Concertina (Sutton '00) rose pink, excellent growth
Country Dance (Jones '97) particularly nice rose pink; a favorite!
Crafted (Dunderman '01) MTB - petite plicata, rose markings on cream ground
Cranapple (Aitken '95) BB - award-winning cranberry red, good performer
Cutie (Schreiner '62) a favorite! white with turquoise-blue fall spot
Deuce (Miller '04) MTB - plic, light purple markings on white
Double Your Fun (Aitken '00) pearl white S, butter yellow F, reliable rebloom (well-named!)
Dublin (Keppel '98) clear light pink, one of Keppel's "Irish Series"
Dumbledore (Innerst '00) white with reddish fall spot
Echo Catcher (Blyth '06) unusual golden yellow with dark blue & bronze beard
Eyedazzker (Filardi '09)  outstanding! photo above
Farscape (Filardi '09) very nice dark luminata; photo above
Garnet Slippers (Keppel '05) burgundy and red-black, bright red beard
Gaslight (Magee '03) unusual brownish olive yellow
Goddess of Luck (Niswonger '96) S blue & yellow blend, F white w. blue plic markings
Goose Bumps (Black '01) S. sandalwood, F. white washed red purple
Grindelwald (Innerst '00) a favorite! ruffled white with smoky mid-blue fall spot
Hoodsport (Craig '99) medium lavender self
Imperative (Black '97) black-purple with bright orange beard
In a Flash (Black '01) dark purple with dazzling orange beard
Latino (Keppel '05) luminata, autumn colors with bright yellow-gold flash
Lucky Old Sun (Hutcheson '04) very classy, bright clear yellow
Magic Bubbles (Willott '94) coral pink, absolutely beautiful color
Mariposa Wizard (Tasco '04) wistaria blue S., dark violet F.
Masked Bandit (Keppel '98) limited supply; dramatic dark burgundy on yellow plic
Micro Magic (Blyth '06) ochre-gold with dark blue & bronze beard
Midsummer Night's Dream (Baumunk '00) darkest purple; reblooms reliably
Moonglade (Keppel '98) beautiful, petite luminata; prune purple
Oblivion (Smith '03) darkest violet-black
Paisley (Smith '05) beautiful! mulberry violet wash on cream ground
Persian Wood (Willott '96) unusual plicata, sandalwood brown markings on ivory ground
Seduced (Blyth '03) pastel pink with rosy flush on falls
Shameless (Blyth '99) mushroom pink; a pastel with unusual appeal
Sue Zee (Innerst '96) a true medium green iris; excellent growth
Sunbreak (Keppel '05) greyish blue flushed rose and yellow, different and beautiful
Tender Years (Hamblen '80) very nice plic, chicory blue markings on white

Cat's Eye (Black) rose standards, dark red falls with darker spot; award winner
Clear Creek (Jones '96) perky light blue, great clump!
Cliché (Black '03) dark blue-violet with orange beard
Fires of Fiji (Black '03) medium blue, orange beard
Lemon and Lime (Filardi '09) nice!; true green spot on falls, pale lemon S.; photo above
Lemon Freeze (Keppel '08) bright clear yellow glaciata
Outburst (Sobek ’90) unusual greenish gold and brown concoction
Panther (Smith '04) beautifully ruffled black
Scream (Johnson '06) brilliant golden yellow

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General Median Pricelist
Cocoamo - IB (Filardi '09)
Eyedazzler - IB (Filardi '09)
Farscape - IB (Filardi '09)
Lemon and Lime - SDB
(Filardi '09)
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International Iris
Introductions for 2011


ANATEVKA (Diedrich ’11) Beautifully ruffled, in shades of plum and blue. (Next Millennium X Mysterieux)

AUREOLES (Filardi ’11) A stunner! White petals, each outlined in a pencil-thin gold rim, bright tangerine beard. An eyecatcher in the garden. (Captain Crunch X Leading Light)

BABSI (Beer ’11) A lacy pastel delight; award winner in Munich international competition, 2010. (Wintry Sky X Above the Clouds) 

BALLONIA (Beer ’11) Dark, intense, and sultry; award winner in Munich, 2010. Violet standards over black falls. (Dark Passion X Romantic Evening)

BEAUTIFUL VICTORIA (Mego ’11) Voted Best Commercial Variety at Florence International Competition in 2010. Introduced exclusively in 2011 by TBIS. (Queen’s Circle X Honky Tonk Blues sdlg)

BING (Filardi ’11) Like nothing else in the garden! A heavily-covered dark red plicata. (Carnival Ride X Drama Queen)

CONQUERING HERO (Filardi ’11) A really beautiful mid-blue amoena, combining the best qualities of both parents. (Sea Power X Seakist)

FRUEHNEBEL (Diedrich ’11) An interesting iris from an interesting cross, not like any other iris we’ve ever seen. Very good growth. (World Premier X Wild Jasmine)

GENTLE DAWN (Bauer ’11) A truly beautiful iris, in a pretty shade of lavender, edged in lace and ruffles. An excellent first introduction from a new hybridizer. (Vienna Waltz X Fancy Stuff)

GREENHORN (Diedrich) A step forward towards a green iris that grows well and avoids unattractive olive hues. (Antiquity X Suspicion)

HEIKE UND INES (Beer ’11) Nice light blue reverse amoena. (Miah Jane X Dime a Dance) 

HONEY HORSE (Landgraf ’11) Unusual honey-toned bicolor; excellent form and growth. (Honey House X Rustler)

KARIBIK (Mego ’11) Yet another unique and distinctive iris from Mr. Mego, bright and cheerful garden effect in pastel colors. (Twilight Blaze sdlg X Code Red)

LA TROIENNE (Filardi) Extremely dark plicata, approaching black-on-white, excellent garden performance. (Art Deco X Harvest Butterfly)

MARE D’INVERNO (Montanari ’11) Another stunning creation from Italy, in shades of blue-white, more blue in the standards. (Yaquina Blue X Fogbound)

OUR VIVIA (Bauer ’11) Garden personality! High budcount and perky, ruffled flowers; popular with everyone who sees it. (Detroit City X Aurelie)

PRETTY BALLERINA (Mego ’11) Distinctive and different, an unusual blend of colors. A tall, robust iris. ((Honky Tonk Blues x Rustler) X World Premier)

PINK FIRE (Filardi ’11) Stunning color, reads as a bright, bright pink in the garden. (Sweet Delight X Renoir)

QUIZZICAL (Filardi ’11) Very nice and unusual iris from a cross that gave us several good ones. (Quandary X Goldkist)

SABINE (Beer ’11) Nice rosy violet, award winner in Munich International Competition, 2010. (Sultry Mood X Prince of Pirates)

TRICK OF THE LIGHT (Filardi ’11) High quality iris in every sense, outstanding performer. Glowing color! (Some Enchanted Evening X Good Looking)

VALERIA ROMOLI (Montanari ’11) Vivid orange self; top 10 in Florence International Competition in 2010. (Crackling Caldera X Rustle of Spring)

WHISTLER (Filardi ’11) Stunning garden presence, due to extremely dark falls with contrasting white beard. (Child of Royalty X Obsidian)


IMPERTINENT (BB) (Filardi ’11) Fantastic lightly-marked plicata; we love it! (Keppel sdlg X Carnival Ride)

APRICOSA (IB) (Filardi ’11) Perky, vigorous pink-apricot amoena. (Kiwi Cheesecake X Murphy’s Law)

PRINCE OF PERSIA (IB) (Filardi ’11) Beautiful luminata; introduced exclusively in 2011 by the Median Iris Society. (Spice Lord X Brash)

ALL BEAUTIFUL (SDB) (Filardi ’11) Pure color, a beautiful peach/apricot glaciata. (Elysium X M Smith sdlg)

BRONTOLO (SDB) (Montanari ’11) Nice shades of orange, yellow, and tan; exquisite, rounded form. (Many Mahalos X Marksman)

CATCATCHER (SDB) (Filardi ’11) Great! Nicely ruffled, with almost-black falls set off by gold band. (Puddy Tat X Captive Sun)

GONGOLO (SDB) (Montanari ’11) Perky yellow with screaming red beard. (Many Mahalos X Marksman)

RED VELVET ELF (SDB) (Filardi ’11) A nice red with personality. (Sono Qui X Jeweler’s Art)

A few more SDBs ($4.):
All Beautiful (SDB)
Elysium X M Smith sdlg

Many Mahalos X Marksman
Blue Parrot
Puddy Tat X True Navy
Puddy Tat X Captive Sun
Full Moon Eclipse
Puddy Tat X Captive Sun
Many Mahalos X Marksman
Red Velvet Elf
Sono Qui X Jeweler's Art

ALL BEAUTIFUL (SDB) (Filardi ’11) Pure color, a beautiful peach/apricot glaciata. (Elysium X M Smith sdlg)

BLUE PARROT (SDB) (Filardi '12) bluebird blue with violet spot pattern on falls

BRONTOLO (SDB) (Montanari ’11) Nice shades of orange, yellow, and tan; exquisite, rounded form. (Many Mahalos X Marksman)

CATCATCHER (SDB) (Filardi ’11) Great! Nicely ruffled, with almost-black falls set off by gold band. (Puddy Tat X Captive Sun)

FULL MOON ECLIPSE (SDB) (Filardi '12) creamy white standards over darkest dahlia purple falls (Puddy Tat X Captive Sun)

GONGOLO (SDB) (Montanari ’11) Perky yellow with screaming red beard. (Many Mahalos X Marksman)

RED VELVET ELF (SDB) (Filardi ’11) A nice red with personality. (Sono Qui X Jeweler’s Art)