Tall Bearded Irises at International Iris - General Pricelist International Iris General Pricelist

General TB pricelist for 2017:

bfilardi [at] comcast.net
Pewter and Gold (Filardi '06)
Banana Cream Pie (Filardi '07)
Enchanted Circle (Filardi '07)
photo: M. Beer
Queen Empress (Filardi '07)
Some Enchanted Evening (Filardi '06)
Twilight Tear (Filardi '07)
Barbara Mueller (Beer '06)
photo: M. Beer
International Iris
received HM Award in 2009
received HM Award in 2008, AM in 2010
received HM Award in 2008
Sheila Van Hook
photo: Van Hook
Lydia Schimpf (Beer '08)
Fall Symphony (2012)
Farfalla Crepuscolare (2009)
Ferragosto (2009)
Fratello Sole (2010)
Madre Terra (2012)
Il Mare in Inverno (2011)
Montefiore (Urbinati 2012)
Monte Conero (2010)
Rimini Beach (2012)
Sorella Luna (2010)
Valeria Romoli (2011)
(list is located below pictures on this page)
photo: M. Beer.
International Iris
4244 NE Royal Court, Portland, OR 97213
General Price List
All TBs on this page $7, incl. postage
checks made out to Bruce Filardi
sorry, no credit cards at present
min. order $40.

Adriatic Waves (Keppel '09) heavily ruffled dark blue
Amidala (Filardi '12)) nice tannish-pink; excellent growth [photo==>
Anatevka (Diedrich '11) violet/wine-red self [photo==>
Art Deco (Schreiner ‘97) plicata, dark violet on white; excellent performer; very early
Aureoles (Filardi) beautiful and a fine performer [photo==>
Avant-Première (Bersillon '09) shades of blue-violet & lavender
Azurwolke (Diedrich '12) striking white over dark blue [photo==>

Back on Stage (Blyth '09) cream blended violet and pink
Ballonia (Beer '11) photo==> 
Banana Cream Pie (Filardi ’07) popular cream and yellow confection with personality! HM Award '09 [photo top of page]
Beautiful Victoria (Mego '11) photo==>
Bing (Filardi '11) heavily marked dark cherry plicata [photo==>
Blackberry Beacon (Filardi '12) plic, edged dark violet [photo==>

Code Red (Aitken) big, beautiful red
Champagne & Strawberries (Blyth)
Cheshire Smile (Filardi) pink amoena [photo==>
Clotho’s Web (Mego) photo==>
Color Spektakel (Diedrich) photo==>
Conquering Hero (Filardi) mid-blue amoena [photo==>
Crest of the Wave (Filardi) excellent! pale blue S. over blue-white F. photo==>
Crystal Gazer (Keppel ‘02) smoky lavender-blue S. over lighter F.

Delfin i Rusalka (Khorosh '05) very nice dark blue amoena from Ukraine
Dugly Uckling (Filardi '09) unique! [photo==>

Elke B. (Diedrich) photo==>
Elvis (Rocha) photo==>
Enchanted Circle (Filardi) excellent white w/ wide blue rim on F. [photo towards top of page]
Enchanter (Blyth)
Eyes Right (Burseen) still one of the reddest red in the garden!

Fall Symphony (Montanari) (photo above)
Fancy a Flutter (Blyth '07) creamy white S., lemon yellow F. w/ ray pattern; nice!
Farfalla Crepuscolare (photo above) outstanding garden performer!
Ferragosto (Montanari) (photo above)
Florentine Gold (Filardi'10) wonderful plic; awarded HM [photo==>
Fratello Sole (Montanari) (photo above)

Gentle Dawn (Bauer '11) wonderful lacy form, great color [photo==>
Gentlewoman (Smith '08) pale peachy orange glaciata, very classy
Ghost Writer
Gladys My Love (Ensminger ‘98) great pink amoena
Grecian Sea (Mego '09) great color! photo==>

Heike und Ines (Beer '11) photo==>

Il Mare in Inverno (Montanari) (photo above)
Impertinent (BB) (Filardi) photo==> (award winner!)

Karamel Antik (Diedrich '12) photo==>
Kimberly My Love (Van Hook '12) photo==>
King Emperor (Filardi '09) photo==>

La Gloriosa (Diedrich '10) very bright in the garden [photo==>
La Troienne (Filardi '11) very nice, large dark plic [photo==>
Lady Lynn (Filardi) beautiful, in memory of Lynn Finkel [photo==>
Lady of the Snows (Filardi '09) nice blue white, very first to bloom! [photo==>
Landgraefin Elisabeth (Landgraf 09) ruffles! [photo==>
Lucky Thirteen (Filardi) lots of buds! [photo==>

Madre Terra (Montanari) (photo above)
Magic Lamp (Mego '09) photo==>
Margitta Herrn (Beer '10) from Germany; bright yellow, and excellent in every way [photo==>
Miss Pretty
Mondschein-Serenade (Diedrich '09) bright spot in the garden! [photo==>
Monte Conero (Montanari) (photo above)
Montefiore (Urbinati) (photo above)

Opposites (Trio '12) stunning! photo==>
Orlaperle (Landgraf '09) really excellent iris from Germany [photo==>
Our Vivia (Bauer '11) beautiful pastel, great grower [photo==>

Painted Lady Lavender (Painter)
Pale Fire (Baumunk)
Pewter and Gold (Filardi '06) outstanding in every way; received AM; great parent; photo==>
Pewter Silk (Filardi '12) pretty and unusual [photo==>
Pink Fire (Filardi '11) BRIGHT pink!! [photo==>
Planned Treasure
Point Given (Filardi '09) photo==>
Pond Lily (E. Jones) beautiful & excellent in all areas; pink S over lavender F
Popstar (Blyth '06) burnt brick rose; unique
Porcelain Blush (Filardi'10) photo==>
Presidential (Filardi) photo==>
Pretty Ballerina (Mego) photo==>
Pryvit z Ukranyiny (Khorosh)

Queen Empress (Filardi ’07) white, falls with yellow shoulders and wine purple lines, really beautiful & a favorite; a little different from others of the Puccini/Quandary type (photo above)
Quixotic (Filardi) photo==>
Quizzical (Filardi) photo==>

Rimini Beach (Montanari) (photo above)
Rock Climber (Filardi) (photo above)
Roses in May (Filardi '09) this is absolutely the best-performing pink we have ever seen! recommended; photo immediately above

Salzburg Echo (Schreiner) white S over bright, bright yellow F; good all-around garden performer
Santa Was Here (Niswonger) a favorite! pale salmon with more intense salmon-pink shoulders
Sea Power (Keppel ‘99) ruffled dark blue; Dykes Medal
Sertse Okeanu (Khorosh '05) nice neglecta from Ukraine, pale blue S. over darkest blue F.
Seven of Nine (Filardi) excellent growth & performance; nice pink S over lavender F
Shimmering Veil (Filardi)
Snow Lion (Smith)
Some Enchanted Evening (Filardi ‘06) light standards, dark falls, rust-red beard; different! HM Award ‘08 (photo above)
Sorella Luna (Montanari) (photo above)

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Star Appeal (Ghio)Stary Dzvonar (Khorosh)
Surfer’s Dream (Richardson)

Tanets Flamingo (Khorosh '09) very nice salmon pink, from Ukraine
Trick of the Light (Filardi)
Tropical Garden (Mego)
Trumped (Burseen)
Twilight Tear (Filardi ’07) purple-black S, velvety black F, many buds, fine branching (photo above)

Valeria Romoli (Montanari) (photo above)
Venetian Gown (Filardi)
​Vienna Waltz (Keppel ‘00) beautiful pink-lavender color, great form, a favorite

Where Dreams Begin (Filardi)
Whistler (Filardi)
Wilma (Spoon)
Wonders Never Cease

Your Karma (Barnes '07) sage green with bronze wash on falls; different! 
Yummy Dessert

Elvis (Rocha '12)
Clip Art (Rocha '12)
Azurwolke (Diedrich '12)
Color Spektakel (Diedrich '12)
Karamel Antik (Diedrich '12)
Fall Symphony (Montanari '12)
Montefiore (Urbinati '12)
Rimini Beach (Montanari '12)
Kimberly My Love (Van Hook '12)
MadreTerra (Montanari '12)
Beautiful Victoria
Bernhard und Guenter
Blackberry Beacon
Buga Gera
Cheshire Smile
Clip Art
Clotho's Web
Color Spektakel
Crest of the Wave
Conquering Hero
Dugly Uckling
Elke B.
Florentine Gold
Gentle Dawn.
Grecian Sea
Heike und Ines
Honey Horse
Impertinent (BB)
Karamel Antik
Jutta J
Kimberly My Love
King Emperor
Trick of the Light (Filardi)
La Gloriosa
La Troienne
Lady of the Snows
Lady Lynn
Landgraefin Elisabeth
Lucia Oe
Lucky Thirteen
Magic Lamp
Margitta Herrn
Our Vivia
Pewter Silk
Pink Fire
Pewter and Gold
l to r: Point Given, Porcelain Blush, Presidential, Pretty Ballerina
l to r: Quixotic, Quizzical, Roses in May