Tall Bearded Irises - Recent Introductions from International Iris International Iris Recent Introductions
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Dugly Uckling (Filardi '09)
Landgraefin Elisabeth (Landgraf '09)
Lemon and Lime - SDB (Filardi '09)
Schizo X Obsidian
almost black plicata
Chocolate Topping
American Maid X Natural Grace
Come Hither Look
Carnival Ride X Drama Queen
Melted Butter X Kiwi Cheesecake
Luck of the Draw
Lucky Thirteen X Snowed In
Magic Word
Tanzanian Tangerine X Sneezy
Pasqua (Foss)
Edith Wolford X Gnus Flash
Pink Enigma
Vienna Waltz X Ghio 88-180P
Quandary X Crystal Gazer
(Spashacata x Tanzanian Tangerine) X Master Plan
So Unusual
American Maid X Pewter and Gold
This Magic Moment
Vienna Waltz X Ghio 88-180P
Sugar Dumpling
(Answered Prayers x Gladys My Love) X (Sugar Magnolia x Gladys My Love)
Twilight Butterfly $10.
Hula Hoop X Ghio 88-180P
Starship Enterprise X Goldkist
Median Introductions:
$5. each
Fingerpainting (SDB)
Gaudy Thing (SDB)
Alphabet (IB)
Sneezy X Helmsman
Cloud Atlas (IB)
Sneezy X Helmsman
Moccasin (IB)
Sneezy X Helmsman
Cover Page X Eyes Right
Boundless Love
Pond Lily X Planned Treasure
Grand Duke
Sheer Ecstasy X Local Color
Louisa's Song X Next Millennium
Blushing Clouds X Goldkist
Jesse's Song X Bonnie Davenport
Space Ager
Precious Metals
Different Flavors X (Hotdogs and Mustard x Burst)
Rubies All Around $10.
Whispering Spirits X Spice Lord
Soaring Softly 
Splashacata X Slapstick
Susanna Innerhofer-Hirschmann (Beer)
Paris Fashion X Keeping Up Appearances
Wagging Tongues
Paul Black X Some Enchanted Evening
Space Ager
<=close-up of beard
Early Sunbeams (MDB)
first in the garden to bloom!
Soldier Girl (SDB)
broken color
Subtle Appeal (SDB)
lightly marked plic
Sun Beacon (SDB)
Just Dotty (Spec-X)
(J Craig aphylla sdlg x Tanzanian Tangerine) X Brash
broken color
detail of Just Dotty fall==>
Across the Garden (IB)
Spice Lord X Brash
Buckpasser (IB)
New Leaf X T Johnson plic SDB sdlg
Lorena Montanari seedling
Ravenous X Safari Sunset
Paul Black X (Conjuration x Romantic Evening)
Blaze Valley
(Van Hook)
Coffee Whispers X Bridal Icing
red amoena
Bubbling Mirth
Adoregon X Some Enchanted Evening
(Sugar Magnolia x Gladys My Love) X Happenstance
Exit Strategy
Starship Enterprise X Goldkist
Hoist the Flag
Conjuration X Prince George
Bonnie Davenport X Dreaming Lilac
Capodimonte (BB)
Happenstance X (Sugar Magnolia x Gladys My Love)
Liege Lord (BB) 
Venetian Love X Snowed In
Mistyblue Morn
Pewter and Gold X Pixel Hue
Pink Perception
In Love Again X Goodnight Kiss
Pride of Place
About Town X Local Color.
Vienna Waltz X Lavender Park
Ribbons and Lace (Bauer)
Vienna Waltz X Fancy Stuff
(Van Hook)
variegated foliage; 
not available 2023
Sunshine Superman 
Amarillo Frills X Ghio U97-18R
Wildcat Madness (Van Hook)
Queen's Circle X Restless Heart
Winterblue Light
Seakist X Queen's Circle
Fairground Attraction
Sneezy sib X Carnival Ride
lightly marked plic
Impertinent (BB)
Sneezy sib X Carnival Ride
award winner!
All Beautiful (SDB)
Blue Parrot (SDB)
Catcatcher (SDB)
Full Moon Eclipse (SDB)
Red Velvet Elf (SDB)
Lemon and Lime (SDB)
Tall Bearded & Border Bearded Irises:
($8. each, incl. postage, with minimum order)
Blueberry Boat
Crème Orange
Fine Fragrance
Fireworks Tonight
Henry the Eighth
Honeybubbles (Bauer)
Vienna Waltx X Fancy Stuff
La Dauphine
Majestic Light
Message in a Bottle
Milford Sound
Pink Papaya
Plantation Gown
Posh Frock
Queen for a Day
Reindeer Games
Ruby Leopard
Sapphire Tiger
Talk of the Town
Third Watch
Anasazi X Love Actually
In Love Again X Goodnight Kiss
Nehalem Bay sdlg X Iriade
Spice Lord X Carnival Ride
Cover Page X Blaze of Glory
Venetian Love X Goldkist
Liqueur Crème X Starring
Vanity's Child X Colette Thurillet
Vienna Waltz X Seakist
Rock Climber X Bubbling Waves
Detroit City X Queen's Circle
In Love Again X Goodnight Kiss
Spice Lord X Moontime
(Sugar Magnolia x Gladys My Love) X (Tour de France x Decadence)
Shelby Lynne X French Cancan
Blushing Clouds X Santa
Ring around Rosie X Tanzanian Tangerine
Concession X Puccini
Sweet Delight X Renoir
Spice Lord X Obsidian
Child of Royalty X Obsidian
(Pond Lily x Designer Gown) X (Romantic Mood x Conjuration)
Shock and Awe (Rocha)
Select Circle X Skipalong