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Dugly Uckling (Filardi '09)
Landgraefin Elisabeth (Landgraf '09)
Lemon and Lime - SDB (Filardi '09)
Other Recent TB & BB Introductions:
(all prices include postage!)(with minimum order)
Blackata $8.
Schizo X Obsidian
almost black plicata
Chocolate Topping $10.
American Maid X Natural Grace
Come Hither Look $10.
Carnival Ride X Drama Queen
Linebacker $10
Melted Butter X Kiwi Cheesecake
Luck of the Draw $10.
Lucky Thirteen X Snowed In
Magic Word $8.
Tanzanian Tangerine X Sneezy
Pasqua $8.
Edith Wolford X Gnus Flash
Pink Enigma $10.
Vienna Waltz X Ghio 88-180P
Quackery $10.
Quandary X Crystal Gazer
Seychelles $8.
(Spashacata x Tanzanian Tangerine) X Master Plan
So Unusual $8.
American Maid X Pewter and Gold
This Magic Moment $10
Vienna Waltz X Ghio 88-180P
Sugar Dumpling $8.
(Answered Prayers x Gladys My Love) X (Sugar Magnolia x Gladys My Love)
Twilight Butterfly $10.
Hula Hoop X Ghio 88-180P
Voyager $8.
Starship Enterprise X Goldkist
Median Introductions:
$5. each
Fingerpainting (SDB)
Gaudy Thing (SDB)
Alphabet (IB)
Sneezy X Helmsman
Cloud Atlas (IB)
Sneezy X Helmsman
Moccasin (IB)
Sneezy X Helmsman
Barbaro $8.
Cover Page X Eyes Right
Boundless Love $8.
Pond Lily X Planned Treasure
Grand Duke $8.
Sheer Ecstasy X Local Color
Fidelius $8.
Louisa's Song X Next Millennium
Domstadt Halberstadt $10.
Boogie Woogie X Instant Hit
Kiddushin $8.
Blushing Clouds X Goldkist
Kingmaker $10.
Jesse's Song X Bonnie Davenport
Space Ager
Landgraefin Barbara $10.
Landgraefin Elisabeth X (Buga Gera x Romantic Gentleman)
Precious Metals $10.
Different Flavors X (Hotdogs and Mustard x Burst)
Rubies All Around $10.
Whispering Spirits X Spice Lord
Soaring Softly $10.
Splashacata X Slapstick
Susanna Innerhofer-Hirschmann $10.
Paris Fashion X Keeping Up Appearances
Wagging Tongues $8.
Paul Black X Some Enchanted Evening
Space Ager
close-up of beard
Early Sunbeams (MDB)
first in the garden to bloom!
Soldier Girl (SDB)
broken color
Subtle Appeal (SDB)
lightly marked plic
Sun Beacon (SDB)
Just Dotty (Spec-X)
(J Craig aphylla sdlg x Tanzanian Tangerine) X Brash
broken color
detail of Just Dotty fall==>
Across the Garden (IB)
Spice Lord X Brash
Buckpasser (IB)
New Leaf X T Johnson plic SDB sdlg
Lorena Montanari seedling
Anasazi $10.
Ravenous X Safari Sunset
Araruna $10.
Paul Black X (Conjuration x Romantic Evening)
Blaze Valley $10.
(Van Hook)
Coffee Whispers X Bridal Icing
red amoena
Bubbling Mirth $10.
Adoregon X Some Enchanted Evening
Canoodling $15.
(Sugar Magnolia x Gladys My Love) X Happenstance
Exit Strategy $10.
Starship Enterprise X Goldkist
Hoist the Flag $8.
Conjuration X Prince George
Lemongrass $10.
Bonnie Davenport X Dreaming Lilac
Capodimonte (BB) $15.
Happenstance X (Sugar Magnolia x Gladys My Love)
Liege Lord (BB) $10.
Venetian Love X Snowed In
Mistyblue Morn $10.
Pewter and Gold X Pixel Hue
Pink Perception $10.
In Love Again X Goodnight Kiss
Pride of Place $10.
About Town X Local Color.
Quartzite $10.
Vienna Waltz X Lavender Park
Ribbons and Lace $15.
Vienna Waltz X Fancy Stuff
Sub-Zero $15.
(Van Hook)
Canadian Streaker X Little John
variegated foliage
Sunshine Superman $10.
Amarillo Frills X Ghio U97-18R
Wildcat Madness $8.
(Van Hook)
Queen's Circle X Restless Heart
Winterblue Light $10.
Seakist X Queen's Circle
Fairground Attraction $10.
Sneezy sib X Carnival Ride
lightly marked plic
Impertinent (BB) $8.
Sneezy sib X Carnival Ride
award winner!
All Beautiful (SDB)
Blue Parrot (SDB)
Catcatcher (SDB)
Full Moon Eclipse (SDB)
Red Velvet Elf (SDB)
Lemon and Lime (SDB)
My post box was supposed to renew automatically each year, charged to my credit card.  For some reason, that didn't happen this year, and I just found out today that my po box had been closed.  So please use my home address for now.  Thank you!
2017 Introductions:
($15. each, incl. postage)
Blueberry Boat
Crème Orange
Fine Fragrance
Fireworks Tonight
Henry the Eighth
Honeybubbles (Bauer '17)
Vienna Waltx X Fancy Stuff
La Dauphine
Majestic Light
Message in a Bottle
Milford Sound
Pink Papaya
Plantation Gown
Posh Frock
Queen for a Day
Reindeer Games
Ruby Leopard
Sapphire Tiger
Talk of the Town
Third Watch
Anasazi X Love Actually
In Love Again X Goodnight Kiss
Nehalem Bay sdlg X Iriade
Spice Lord X Carnival Ride
Cover Page X Blaze of Glory
Venetian Love X Goldkist
Liqueur Crème X Starring
Vanity's Child X Colette Thurillet
Vienna Waltz X Seakist
Rock Climber X Bubbling Waves
Detroit City X Queen's Circle
In Love Again X Goodnight Kiss
Spice Lord X Moontime
(Sugar Magnolia x Gladys My Love) X (Tour de France x Decadence)
Shelby Lynne X French Cancan
Blushing Clouds X Santa
Ring around Rosie X Tanzanian Tangerine
Concession X Puccini
Sweet Delight X Renoir
Spice Lord X Obsidian
Child of Royalty X Obsidian
(Pond Lily x Designer Gown) X (Romantic Mood x Conjuration)
Shock and Awe (Rocha) $8.
Select Circle X Skipalong
unique plicata, new to our inventory