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Free Shipping on Orders of $40 or more

Abbreviations used below: eg = excellent grower; nov = novelty; pf = personal favorite; vr = very rare

Free Shipping on orders of $40 or more.
($8 postage for orders under $40)

Send list with the cultivars you would like, along with check or money order made out to Bruce Filardi:

Bruce Filardi
4244 NE Royal Court
Portland, OR 97213

Plants will be shipped as soon as they are ready, unless you specify a preferred shipping time.

[e-mail: bfilardi [at] comcast.net]

Order early; supplies are limited, especially on the higher-priced varieties.

I do not believe in substituting unless you specifically request that I do so!  If any of your ordered varieties are sold out, I will send you a refund unless you request that I substitute.  (If substitutions are made at your request, I will definitely send more expensive varieties - or unlisted varieties - as subs.)

Thanks for your order!

International Iris
Historics & Rarities
"Chad's unknown"

as of 2/1/21:

We still have our collection of Historics.  After transplanting a few years ago, many were lost because of labels in "permanent marker" which didn't even last through the first winter.  I saved those I could recognize, but some are gone forever.  I'll try to post an updated list in the next few weeks.